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Our Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The below-listed words convey specific meanings as follows: “Booker”- The person who wishes to book a program for any purpose. “Program Manager”- The person (maybe a team) who conducts the program. “Owner” - The one who owns Book a Program. “Program” - The event to be conducted.

The mentioned Terms and Conditions govern your relationship with ‘Book a Program’ to avail of any service category within.

● Upon any procedures through this website, the booker himself indicates that he/she is convinced of the T&C and is contracting with the owner in every conduct.
● The owner reserves the complete right to amend/modify the T&C at any time without any notification, once it deems to be necessary. Hence we request you to occasionally visit the page for being informed.
● The owner reserves complete rights to modify the pricing and description of the programs in the website catalog.
● The program manager or the booker is not permitted to cancel a prior booked program under any circumstances.
● Any case of losses due to the cancellation of the booked program by the booker will not be under the responsibility of ‘Book a Program’ so it is strongly suggested to maintain frequent communication between the booker and the program manager to stay updated, as the communication data are clearly mentioned in the agreement. The final agreement is the amidst of the booker and the program manager. It is the responsibility of both parties to make sure about the confirmation on either side.
● The registration at will be subjected to a registration fee and fixed annual charges in the subsequent period wherein, every program manager is obliged to pay the same to initiate and continue booking through the website.
● As online platforms are vulnerable to technical failures, the site may face technical issues and maintenance works in rare cases wherein the booker finds interruptions in program booking procedures. Such issues will be solved with immediate effect. The booker can directly contact the owner in case of any emergencies.
● The owner is never responsible for any cases of online transaction failures through payment gateways that happened from the financial authorities. The issue has to be dealt with by the concerned bank.
● ‘Book a Program’ never perform any offline payments or transactions.
● Every activity of ‘Book a Program’ is performed through the website We strongly insist to be aware that we do not have any other staff or franchisees to deal with the booker. Every communication by the owner will be through the contact data listed on the website.
● The owner is never responsible for any kind of negotiations happening between the booker and the program manager.
● The owner should receive a confirmation of successful program completion as well as feedback upon the successful execution of the program by the booker through the website, whereas, if the execution fails at any cause, the owner should be indicated by the booker through the website within 3 days. No further communion and advance reimbursement will be proceeded by the owner beyond this mentioned period.
● The confirmation of successful program completion or the indication of program execution failure in program completion is also expected from the program manager through the website. The advance reimbursement to the booker will be initiated only upon the successful reception of this updation about the cancellation from the program manager. Any case of failure in the reception of confirmation and feedback from the program manager and the booker will be indubitably considered as the completion of the booked program.
● Any case of failure in conducting the program by the program manager will result in initiating the advance payment refund to the booker within 10 working days (i.e, excluding bank holidays and Sundays). Note: The amount paid back to the booker, in this case, is the guaranteed advance paid by the program manager. Thus the program manager will not be paid back with the guaranteed advance.
● The advance payment made by the booker is regarded as commission for the owner. This amount will be reimbursed to the booker only in case of the unavailability of the program. If there happens a failure in the commencement of the program on the part of the Program Manager, this advance will not be paid back to the booker. At the same time, the booker will be paid with the guarantee advance paid by the Program Manager to the owner.
● The cancellation and refund criteria are clearly and precisely mentioned in the document ‘Cancellation/Refund Policy’. The booker and the program manager are advised to go through the document before confirming the booking.